This One is For You

I feel as if I am staring at a screen most of the day. Either it be with an engaging lesson plan that I created at 3:00 AM or whether it be editing photos for one of my many amazing clients. It is just engrained in our daily lives that we are now no longer independent from the multimedia we sink our brains into every, single, day. We choose how much time we spend with our screens, whether large or small, android or iOS,  good news or bad, that is the truth.

This blog post is inspired by recent changes in my heart, and probably many other 22 year olds about to graduate from college who are feeling the change approaching ever so quickly. I keep thinking to myself, I missed out on so much but yet, I didn’t. I made solid friendships, and some not-so-solid friendships. I have been uplifted more times than I can count people at my university. I have spent wayyyy too much money at Starbucks, Taco Bell, and the ever too welcoming Target. The espresso, the retail therapy, and the tacos are no longer what they are... They are instagram pictures, moments to brag, and reasons to feel behind everyone else. Our screens are to enhance our lives and not be them. 

For those who just read that and said, ME TOO. Well, surprise!!!! You are not alone. It is time to face the truth, no matter if you are a fashion blogger, a photographer, an influencer, or web designer, it is time to LEAVE WORK AT WORK. For those getting started to invest financially and emotionally in their crafts more than normal, find a place to reconnect, take baby steps, and never get too cool to change it up! So, if you are leaving college within the year and you feel absolutely helpless about your businesses or personal social media platforms, it’s totally normal but do not let it consume you. Let your coffee be your coffee. Let your shopping be a reward not paired with burden. Let Taco Bell be for fun.

Over the next few weeks, I will be blogging and sharing some of my embarrassing moments in college and my many small wins that have influenced my work over the past handful of years. Here, I will be sharing what it is like to have a brain that is constantly on and how to manage it. I am here to share my thoughts on what a well valued moment should look like and when I should share them digitally.

Most Importantly, I am here to be real with you all and be an advocate for rest and encouragement. I look forward getting to know you all who read these series of blogs.

I encourage you to subscribe and keep up with just ONE MORE THING. I won’t take to much of your time, I promise.

Dallas Gonzales