flat lay for  @westelmbroadway

flat lay for @westelmbroadway



I never imagined what I would be doing or where I would go with photography, and I think that is the whole point of an excellent adventure. Knowing the possibilities and having the option to make lefts and rights, merges and exits, accelerations and slamming on the brakes.

I have made great strides over the years and officially making true effort and time to escalate my photography business after a big move is frightful and encouraging. The bride crying, captured it. The four year old birthday pictures, piece of cake. The photobomber... yes I saw the bunny ears. Looking back at my current journey excites me in a way that has now lead me to full-force put my business out there.

Welcome to D.Riley.G Photo. Now based in New York City. In between the sirens, honking, and the city slicker attitude, I hope the subtle clicks of every shot I take during our session will resonate with our moment and your special day, event, or #OOTD.

I encourage you to browse and enjoy. Like, Follow, and Comment. Book a session if you are ready.

Lastly, I look forward to meeting each and every single one of you.